Display Case and Bulk Quantity Products

You can purchase our organic licorice in larger quantities. Pricing shown is retail only. Wholesale enquiries should be directed to Phyto-Plus offices using the "Contact Us" page on this website.

ZAGARESE - Display case of 24 boxes eachZAGARESE - Display case of 24 boxes each
DTicRegular price: $179.76Sale price: $125.76Flavor: 
ZOT - Display case of 24 boxes eachZOT - Display case of 24 boxes each
DZotRegular price: $102.96Sale price: $72.00Flavor: 
Licorice Extract in Bulk, Wholesale PackagingLicorice Extract in Bulk, Wholesale PackagingOrganic licorice extract in Bulk. Original flavor or with Anise flavors for repackaging.

BEXRegular price: $192.50Sale price: $156.00Flavor: 
Powdered Licorice ExtractPowdered Licorice ExtractOrganic bulk licorice extract, original flavor, in powdered form. Available in 1Kg (2.2Lb) bag.

Powdered Licorice Extract BP-1Regular price: $192.50Sale price: $164.00